Resengo Web API ~ documentation

General Info:

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Available Entities:

Module Entity
FI Transaction
PL Person
RES PartnerReservation
RES PartnerReservationContacts
RES PartnerReservations
SUB PersonSubscription
SUB Subscription
SUB SubscriptionTransaction
WS Order
WS OrderItem

Description for FI/Transaction:

The Transaction entities are debts and payments.
When an order is created, a "debt" transaction is also made for the value of that order.
Payments done by or expected from the customer become "payment" transactions which can have a status of paid or unpaid.
An order is paid when the total value of all payment transactions equals the total value of all debt transactions for that order.
Do not confuse with SUB/SubscriptionTransaction, which are payments with credits.

Available Services for FI/Transaction: